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If you are interested in any of the below horses please contact Thoroughbred polo ponies on 07803 378551

Mikey Howe
Mikey is a third generation polo player and started playing at the tender age of 5. He has played all over the world and represented England on many occasions, achieving a 5 goal handicap in Argentina at the age of 22 and becoming infamous for his 60 yard (and occasional 5B!) penalties. Mikey now plays off 4 goals and has his string of ponies based here at the club. He continues to play professionally alongside teaching and in the small amount of time he has left he is dedicated to his other passion, retraining racehorses for polo.

Lorna Broughton
Lorna is also a third generation polo player and learnt to ride on home bred polo ponies on her grandparents farm in the new forest. Polo was never her intended career however and Lorna is a qualified Equine Vet with further qualifications in Equine Chiropractic and Acupuncture. We are lucky to have Lorna by the side of the pitch in case of emergencies and our ponies are always under her careful eye. Alongside her career Lorna has always managed to keep a few of her own horses and has achieved a 0 goal outdoor handicap and 4 goal ladies handicap. Having moved to Longdole Lorna intends to dedicate more of her time to training the next generation of polo players and is particularly interested in getting more women into this fantastic sport


Shadow is an English thoroughbred mare who turns 8yrs this summer. She holds herself in a very nicely balanced way with an elevated flex in her neck. 


She has an excellent turn of speed to call on when you need to & has excellent sides. She has a round action in canter & is very tidy in the short plays. 




Sunny turns 11yrs this summer. She has a low head carriage & plays in this lovely collected & well balanced position. 


She is an English thoroughbred who stands 15.1hh. We use a 52” stick on her. 




Mini turns 10yrs old this summer. She has played a heap of low & medium goal polo since she arrived in the UK as an 8yr old. 


She is a very precise & correct mare with good speed. She is easy to put in the right place to hit the ball & she will never rush you through your shots. 




Stoneyhill Farm, Gloucester GL4 8LF, UK

07974 532841

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